January 7, 2017

A Waste Disposer Makes Kitchen Clean-up Easier

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To the person who wants to maintain a neat and tidy kitchen, a waste disposer is many things. The benefits of installing the device include the following:

  • Convenient
  • Cheap to operate
  • Hygienic and clean
  • Time-saving
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Smell-free and mess-free
  • Low-maintenance – no regular maintenance is required
  • Corrosion-free
  • Indispensable

Installing a Disposer

In order to fit a waste disposer, you need a sink that has the following features:

  • A 90mm sink hole
  • An extended sink flange
  • A 13-amp socket in the cupboard beneath the sink
  • A spur switch to operate the machine, an air switch fitted to a 32mm hole in the sink, or a work surface for the air button.

Consult with a Plumber

What you choose will depend on your sink and preferences. You can find out more about installation by making an appointment for a consultation with one or two plumbers in East Sussex.If you do not want a waste disposer with the above-described features, you can always select a batch feed machine that runs from a plug in the sink or purchase a remote control type unit.

Because food waste accounts for 20% of household rubbish, the storage of food waste can pose a number of health concerns. Also, the collection and transportation of waste costs the taxpayer just over £1.5 billion per annum in the UK.

Reducing Pollution and Costs

As a result, a waste disposer in your kitchen not only makes kitchen clean-up easier but it is also better for the environment as a whole. When a disposer is used, then it means cleaner kitchens, a cleaner environment (less pollution), and reduced emissions from lorries. A disposer can also complement other green-type activities such as composting. Therefore, food waste that cannot be composted, such as pasta, eggs, or dairy products, can be safely disposed via a disposer in the sink.

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