Your bathroom can pose as a very dangerous room in your home if not tailored to specific needs. Whether a family has small children or a disabled or aging family member, it’s important that the bathroom is able to fit their needs. For this reason, it’s important to hire professionals who have the equipment, know-how, and skills to custom tailor for both comfort and safety.

Bathroom Aides Available

Local walk-in shower suppliers in Bristol offer many bathroom aides to suit anyone’s needs. These include:

  • Handrails
  • Non-slip floors
  • Wheelchair access
  • Walk-in Baths
  • Walk-in Showers

Handrails can be adjusted to any height and placed anywhere needed in the bathroom. This includes not only by the toilet, but also in the shower, if required. Non-slip floors help prevent unnecessary injuries resulting from falls. Wheelchair access is important when it comes to maintaining independence. Walk-in showers and baths means there isn’t a lip one must step over in order to enter the shower.

How Can a Professional Help?

Professional builders understand the unique needs that come with bathroom aides, and they are happy to come to the site and give a free estimate. Every bathroom layout is different, and each family’s situation is unique. If this is the first time adapting your bathroom, the experts are happy to give advice and recommendations based on your unique situation and your individual needs in order to fit your home and family. Professionals are also aware of safety and compliance standards when adapting a bathroom to a family’s special needs.



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