When hand-forged, a metal bed is special. You cannot easily push or shove this piece of furniture around. It is indomitable. The excellent quality of an iron bed, especially one that comes with four posters or a canopy, is as timeless as it is stylish in design.

Iron beds can be finished in gunmetal, ivory, or black, and are presented in a variety of fashionable configurations. For example, you can choose a four poster iron bed in a classic canopy style or opt for a bed that features scrolls on the headboard and footboard.

Style and Elegance

When you include an iron bed in your bedroom, the space immediately takes on a different feel—one that radiates style and elegance. The four poster bed itself was highly prized in Victorian times when it was regarded as a status symbol of wealth and prestige. While wood was regularly used, the use of metal became cherished in more recent times.

A Bed of Kings and Queens

When you have this type of bed in your home, you can also dress it up in varying ways. This bed of kings and queens is often associated with romance. Therefore, some of the decorative touches include the addition of breezy materials or drapery-style fabrics. You can also emphasise the metal look, which highlights the bed’s undisputed beauty.

A Way to Stay Warm

Four poster beds originated from canopy type beds, which were also referred to as tester beds. When the canopy bed was first used, it was designed for privacy and warmth. At first, curtains were hung from the ceiling around the bed. However, as time evolved, a frame was built to support the canopy. This canopy assisted in retaining heat. The canopy was also used to prevent unwanted critters from accidentally falling onto the sleeper.

While the canopy idea was instituted to keep the sleeper warm and protected, it now has developed into a more decorative concept. When you feature an iron bed with a canopy design in your bedroom, you can decorate the canopy or leave it alone.

Dress-up Ideas

A simple canopy can be made from a gauzy and light material or be conveyed by a valance. You can also choose to dress up your iron bed with loosely hung swags. This type of drapery is probably the least costly and simplest method used for dressing up the bed. Not only is the accent casual, it employs a wispy and whimsical kind of material.

You might also think about tying panels of drapes to the support posts at the corners. Use a fabric of medium weight and metal grommets to underscore this dressy look. Needless to say, however you choose to dress up your bed, you will love the quality and design.

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