December 15, 2018

How to choose the best water purifier for your kitchen

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Growing population, environmental degradation and pollution are the common causes due to which we are not able to get clean and safe water for drinking. The contaminated water that goes in our body leads to a great cause of posing a threat of getting attacked by many of the water-borne diseases like typhoid, hepatitis A, cholera, etc. Not only this, many studies have also shown that by drinking unsafe water dental caries and dental fluorosis are becoming the significant problem of the masses. All these health issues have led to a widespread awareness among people about the use of water purification systems that are available in the market. There are many brands that are being marketed to reduce the contaminated water problem where the RO care India provides the best service quality products of almost all brands with proper installation and after sales-service.

What to look for when buying residential water purifier- The first and foremost aspect before buying the water purifier is to know about the chemistry of water. Here the word chemistry means- the level of contamination in the water. For this one can even go for a laboratory testing of water where the water levels are tested for the presence of chlorine, nitrates, pH, TDS levels, other bacteria so present in order to understand how to get the water purified easily.

Once the water gets tested one may decide to either go with a filter that can be attached to the entire inlet of water coming to the house or only the tap from where the drinking water is required.

Next step is to shortlist the most reliable brand of water purifier so available in the market. For this, it is very essential to understand the specification and product standards so that the right water filtering technique is installed.

The best quality water filtering membranes and procedures are though expensive but one can make a detailed analysis and comparison through proper comparison of brands using various online websites. Even the RO care India offers various brands of water purifiers with a comparison to both price and product specifications.

Last but not the least the product can either be ordered from an online store or by visiting the brand shop personally. When doing so one must ask certain questions like- after how long the product needs service and when the candle or the filter so attached needs to be changed. What is the durability of the membrane? Ask about the warranty on the parts of the water purifier and so on.

Before making the final selection the buyer can also go with the customer reviews section on the website to know about the pros of buying the RO, UV or UF water purifier. Now a days water purifiers are a necessity in every Indian Kitchen. Many advanced water filleting membranes are being installed to provide you with the safest and clean water free from any contaminants for drinking. Go with the combination of technology so available and make your family go healthy and safe.

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