September 20, 2017

Moving Home? Here are the Steps to follow for a Stress-Free Move

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When you are moving to another house or flat, the number of tasks that need to be completed can be overwhelming. Just thinking about all the things that need to be done is enough to make most people feel stressed. Things need to be wrapped and packed, transport needs to be arranged, and perhaps we are not able to carry all those boxes by ourselves. So, are there things we can do that can help us avoid getting stressed? And if so, what are those things? Let’s take a look at a few easy-to-follow steps to make moving more pleasurable, or at least less stressful.

Step 1: To hire professionals or not

This is one of the most important questions when it comes to moving.  If you can afford hiring professionals, that’s probably the wisest choice to make. The experience most of these companies have alone will make the entire process much easier, not to speak of the manpower. Of course, if you do decide to go it alone, you might want to consider asking friends or family for help; don’t wait until the last moment, otherwise you might find yourself carrying all that heavy furniture alone.

Step 2: Make a schedule

Before you start packing things in boxes, take some time to create a schedule. Just the process of writing down what needs to be done and in what order will eliminate some of the stress. Spread out the tasks over the days, or weeks, leading up to the big day, so you won’t end up having to do everything at the last minute.

Step 3: Dump the junk

People are gatherers, it’s part of our nature, imprinted in our DNA. Everybody has some things in their house that no longer have use. When you move to a new home it’s the perfect moment to take a good hard look at these things and ask yourself if you really want the hassle of packing them, moving them, and finding a new place for them in your new house or flat. Ridding yourself of useless junk can feel extremely liberating once it’s done.

Step 4: Pack

Once you got rid of everything you don’t need, you will need to pack whatever remains. Packing is a lot of work and this might be a good time to get some help, whether it be from friends, family, or professionals like Malvern removals experts Advanced Removals & Storage.

Moving is stressful, it is scary, we leave our comfort zone and need to create a new one, and the period in between, no matter how brief, is daunting. When you make sure that you are well prepared, you will find you can deal with it all in an easier and more relaxed way.

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