We’re no strangers to garden design. In fact, we know more than most. At Garden Club London, we have been designing award-winning outdoor spaces for over a decade. It’s our goal to get people back outdoors, to learn to appreciate nature and experience their gardens anew. Your garden should be a personal place as important to you as any room in the house. Today, we look at how planning your garden can help you get more from the finished product.

Find Happiness In Your Garden

At Garden Club London, our goal is to inspire our customers to find happiness in their gardens. There’s no better place to unwind than in your garden. For example, did you know that regular exposure to nature can help promote good health? We should all spend more time in greener company, but it’s not always so simple. To get the most out of your garden, you must first invest time and energy to make it your own. You need more than just a lawn to make a garden. Flower beds, trees, seating, lighting and paving all contribute to the space they serve. If you want to bring your dream garden to life, make sure you plan effectively. Planning is what bridges the gap between the idea and the reality.

What Do You Want from Your Garden?

We want to get people outside into their gardens, to enjoy it, and get the maximum benefit from it. Some gardens should be vibrant, fun, lively. Some should be open and inviting. While others still should be cloistered and tranquil. If you want to achieve a certain effect with your garden, it helps to think about this beforehand. For serene spaces, consider which features help create such an effect. Is it the reflective water pool surrounded by aromatic lavender? Is it the ivy-laden pergola or the rose bushes here and there? For a cool, calm, and relaxed space, you can bring together any number of different features to achieve the same effect.

Make the Most of Space

Similarly, maximising your space is just as important as the contents of your garden. While privacy and tranquillity may be high on your list of desires, they should not come at the cost of space. A dark, closed-off garden isn’t a garden at all. Gardens should not only be beautiful spaces but functional ones. Using space effectively allows out to create different zones to satisfy different needs. Open spaces with functional seating are ideal for mixing with others, while secluded spots shielded by trees make lovely intimate conversation areas. Think about what you want from your garden. Do you want to welcome rural wildlife or are you after something more stylish and urban? Consider our advice when planning your garden. You’ll find we know what we’re talking about!

When it comes to garden design, Garden Club London is an industry leader. Put our valuable expertise to good use and get in touch with us to see what we can do for you. Visit our website at www.gardenclublondon.co.uk to learn more about our award-winning work.


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