One area of your home that you may overlook when it is time to do regular cleaning is your chimney. Unfortunately, due to buildup in the chimney and sparks from your fire, this can cause a very dangerous situation. It is imperative that you keep your chimney as clean as possible and have it regularly serviced to make sure that you lower the risk of a devastating chimney fire.

Why Hire a Professional?

Regular cleanings will ensure that your chimney is safe and are important to keep your family as healthy as possible. There are a lot of DIY guides online that give information on how to do this work yourself, but hiring West Wickham chimney sweeps is the best way to get a clean chimney. Some of the reasons why you want to hire an expert are:

  • Rest assured that all of the flammable creosote has been removed
  • Save time
  • Keep your home as neat as possible during this messy endeavour
  • Avoid the risk of falling from the roof
  • Ensure a full cleaning with professional tools

Finding a Reputable Sweep

The best way to find the right chimney sweep that will do a great job without overcharging you is to ask your neighbours who they use. Getting a personal recommendation will ensure that you find the right company for the job.

Don’t try to clean your chimney on your own. You risk a lot of damage to your home from soot and ash and may not be able to clean off all of the creosote in your chimney. Leaving any behind will put you at a great risk for fire.

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