Roofs come in a variety of materials. Some of the most popular and long-lasting materials include slate, tile, or stone. When shingles are made of stone or slate, they can be nicely incorporated into a number of traditional home styles, including homes featuring Tudor designs.

Roofers in Heckmondwike who install stone shingles state that homeowners enjoy a number of benefits when they choose stone.

Some of the Advantages of Choosing Stone

These advantages include the following:

  • Stone shingles can last as long as 150 years. Compare that to asphalt shingles, which only last for up to thirty
  • Slate or stone comes in various colours – hues that range from soft shades of grey and blue to darker tones of brown.
  • Stone shingles carry a high rating with respect to fire resistance – a rating that is higher than other roofing materials, with the exception of metal.
  • Stone is a “green” construction material. Unlike roofing materials that are manufactured in plants, stone is quarried direct from the source, making it more environmentally friendly.

Installing a Support System

Manufacturers that produce stone shingles use less fumes when shaping and honing slate. Also some producers use shingles made of flagstone, which uses even less energy. Because stone is heavy, it can increase the weight on top of a house. Therefore, installers usually need to add a support system to handle the additional weight.

Either an installer can position the stones on a lower pitched roof and allow gravity to take hold, or they can affix the stone on a roof with a higher pitch. Stone can be expensive. However, the cost is a small price to pay when you consider the advantages of slate.

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