If you are looking for furniture or other wooden elements for your business or your home, you should consider bespoke wooden items. The practice of creating wood is often considered joinery. Strictly, joinery applies to the sum total of all of the wooden components of your building. Therefore, a joiner is someone who creates items out of wood; in other places, this person would be called a carpenter. If you are choosing wooden items for your home or business, you are going to want to balance the price of the items with the longevity of such items.

Price and Longevity

The balance of price and longevity is the core concern when choosing joiners in Croydon.

  • Obviously, your lowest prices will come from buying cheap furniture and wooden items from a big box store.
  • These items are often made from pressboard, which is actually wood shavings that are glued together.
  • Pressboard is usually heavy and unreliable.
  • You might save money at the outset, but you’ll have to replace your pressboard over and over as time goes on. That will very quickly add up to much more than you would have paid for bespoke joinery.
  • Bespoke joinery might cost you somewhat more at the outset, but it will last you much longer than cheap furniture.


The savings of choosing bespoke joinery come from the quality of the materials and their usefulness. Since the joinery is bespoke, you will be able to help design the parts of your building. You will have the ability to design doors that fit perfectly, shelves and cabinets that fit everything, and other wooden elements that increase your efficiency.


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