Aluminium has become one of the most popular building materials over the last few decades because of its main characteristics of strength and its aesthetically pleasing finish while it is also much cheaper and less complex to manufacture. If you are considering carrying out repairs, renovations or an extension to your home then maybe you should consider choosing aluminium is a building material throughout your home. Indeed, there are several benefits of using aluminium in construction and design, especially if you want to install striking balustrades on a particular staircase or balcony.

Main benefits of aluminium

One of the most important benefits of aluminium as a building material is its resistance to both rust and corrosion so this material can be used in construction both outside and inside while it can withstand all extreme weather events. Furthermore, aluminium is a very strong material, but also very lightweight while its durability is considerably longer than either steel or timber. In addition, given the less complex process to manufacture aluminium compared with steel or iron will the cost of aluminium is significantly less than the two other building materials. Indeed, given its durability aluminium hardly needs any maintenance in all weather conditions. If you are looking in WA for balustrading, then you should consider aluminium as its simplicity and malleability makes it perfect for any number of construction jobs while this particular material can also be customised to your own requirements.


The use of aluminium in the construction and design industries has become increasingly prominent over the last few decades, given aluminium’s high resistance to all forms of corrosion and rust. If you decide to use aluminium for the balustrades on a staircase or on a balcony, then you can be sure it will look exactly the same throughout its life while it will also be protected from rust and other types of corrosion. Furthermore, in comparison with iron and steel, aluminium does not corrode in a moist environment, which is especially important if you are doing a construction job on a building near the sea.

Aesthetically pleasing look

When you have decided to incorporate aluminium into your balustrades on staircases or balconies, then you should maybe consider the addition of other materials including glass or timber which can create a refined look to your home. The appearance of aluminium will remain the same throughout its lifetime, while steel will generally corrode and iron will develop rust very rapidly if it is exposed to the weather.

Customise your design

Another significant advantage of using aluminium balustrades is that they can be moulded and shaped to your own unique specifications while they can also be installed on any particular staircase given their customisable nature. This unique feature of aluminium should mean that it is the best choice for balustrades on staircases or balconies.

If you want to create a refined and tasteful appearance in your work or home, then you should consider using aluminium as a material for your balustrades on staircases or balconies because it will remain corrosion free and will look the same as when it was installed throughout its lifetime.

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