If your plumbing is leaking in a way that means water is dripping into your living space, you’ll obviously notice that. However, if it is leaking within the walls or the floor, you might not notice actual water dripping. There are some signs that your plumbing could be leaking. Here are some things to look for.

Look For Damping

Damping is a kind of creeping moisture that will seep into different parts of your house. If you see damping, you need to call trusted plumbing services in Kingsbridge.

  • Damping that begins near the top of your wall is a good sign that something might be leaking.
  • Damping that is not from a leak generally begins near the ground.

Other Signs

There are some other signs that something is wrong with your pipes. One of the biggest indications that you have a problem will be your water bill. If your water bill is suddenly higher than it has been in recent months, you could have a problem.

  • You are charged for all of the water that comes into your home, even if it is water that leaks out.
  • Because you are charged for water even if it leaks, you will be able to identify a leak by your water bill in many cases.

You also will be able to identify leaks if you can see the pipes themselves. If you can see the pipes, you should look for droplets of water on the outside of the pipe. That usually means water is leaking and running down the pipes.

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