Having children and pets can be tough on carpets because they tend to track in dirt and run and play on all of the flooring. When it’s time to replace old carpeting or cover floors in a new home, you will need to select carpet fibres made to last. Here are three of the best choices for purchasing long-lasting carpets.

Nylon Fibres

If you’re looking for a strong carpet which resists compression and staining, then carpets made with a high nylon content may be your best choice. Along with being strong, nylon fibres are easily dyed, so you can find carpeting in a vast array of patterns and colours. Nylon carpets are not only good in high traffic areas, but they can be a great choice for the family room because of their stain resistance.

Olefin Fibres

For families on a limited budget, carpets made with olefin can be a great choice. Not only are they less expensive, but the fibres are colourfast and they resist staining. Since the fibres can be easily compacted, it is better to purchase carpets and rugs in Middlesex with a low pile if you need inexpensive carpeting for your home.

Wool Fibres

If you prefer natural fibres to keep possible toxic chemicals out of your home, then wool carpeting is a good choice. It has characteristics similar to nylon as wool is stain resistant and the fibres are not easily crushed, but it is one of the most expensive choices on the market. However, if you want a natural fibre carpet which is durable and made to last, you cannot go wrong with wool.

As a general rule, if you’re looking for durable carpeting for your home, look for a high yarn density. A density of 2,000 yarns per metre is ideal when you need durable carpeting in your home.


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