Your garage door is supposed to go up when you press the button and go down when you press it again; it’s just that simple. You probably don’t even think about your garage door mechanics until something goes wrong. When something starts to go awry, you need to know who to call. You need to call on a professional who repairs garage doors in your area. You need to make sure you are contacting someone who has history in the area and is known for providing quality service. You also need to make sure you troubleshoot the problem before you call a professional. If you can remedy it yourself, you’ll save a lot of money. Even if you can’t, you’ll be able to better describe the problem to a professional.

A Frayed Cable

Your garage door is connected to a motor that pulls it up and gently lets it down. The motor connects to the garage door by way of a cable. The cable is typically made of a resilient braid of metal that is coated in rubber. It’s supposed to be rust and corrosion-resistant. Also, it’s supposed to resist stretching or fraying. However, it can fray over time and can also stretch over time. Every few months, you should inspect your garage door cable to see if you need roller door repairs in Perth, WA.

A visual inspection of the cable will let you know if it is beginning to fray or weaken. Also, you should take note of the position of your door when opened and closed. If it sags when it’s open or the cable droops when the door is closed, it could be stretching. A professional will be able to replace the cable.

Faulty Springs

Your garage door springs act as counterweights for your door. They take some of the stress off of the motor, making it easier to raise and lower the door. However, they can slowly begin to degrade over time. They’ll lose some of their effectiveness over time as well. You will typically be able to see this when the door is opening or when it’s open. In those cases, you’ll see the door open unevenly. One side will raise faster than the other; that’s a sign that one of your springs is malfunctioning. You can also see that type of malfunction if the motor sounds like it is struggling and the door opens slower. Those are signs the springs are losing their effectiveness.

These are just two of the most common problems with a roller door. There are also problems that can occur due to the wheels on the garage door, the track, and the motor. All of these problems will require the attention of a professional.


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