September 11, 2017

You Deserve an Exceptional Shower Experience Every Day!

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It is always a joy to relax in a bathroom that is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.  Its total look and vibe, believe it or not, can greatly affect the way you look at your home in general. It could make you feel like you are in a hotel room, but you are really just in the comfort of your own home. Also, it is where you start and end your day, right? You go there before you go to work and, often, it is where you do your personal routine before going to bed. It is where you spend time to just feel good about yourself, which can enhance your confidence.

The focal point of any bathroom is the shower cabin or commonly known as a shower enclosure or cubicle. With the broad variety of choices and intricate styles nowadays, it may be difficult for you to choose which one is best for your bathroom. You can consider your personal lifestyle, size of family and budget when choosing the perfect shower cabin for your home. You can opt for a sophisticated style or you can choose a simpler design.  There are conventional and modern styles as well.

Here are some of the shower cabin types that you can choose from if you plan on renovating your bathroom or constructing your new home.

  1. D-Shaped Shower Cabin. If you don’t have ample room in your bathroom but you want to have a sleek shower cabin, the D-shaped enclosure is for you. This type can save a lot of space without compromising the relaxed ambiance and total look of your bathroom.
  2. Quadrant Shower Cabin. This is the most popular amongst the types of shower cabins. Whether you have a large or small space, this can fit perfectly in just one corner. This comes with different designs and colours. Newer versions come with hydro massage and steam features as well.
  3. Hinged Shower Cabin. This modern type of shower cabin is most advisable if you have a large space and you have kids. Because it opens and closes just like a normal door, kids won’t have a hard time using it. This type doesn’t go out of style and is practical too.
  4. Frameless Shower Cabin. If you want a contemporary and luxurious vibe, you can opt for a frameless shower cabin. If you have a small space, this type can make your bathroom look more spacious. On the other hand, if you have a larger space, a frameless shower cabin can give it that hotel/spa like feel that you can enjoy every single day – at home!

Always keep in mind that regardless of the style, shape or type of material that you decide on, it is important that you choose wisely because this is also considered an investment for your family. Remember that regardless of the size of your bathroom, a comfortable showering experience is a priority.

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